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Our 2018 Bee Run packages have been reserved!
Ordering for the 2018 Bee Run is OPEN; the sooner, the better.
The run for 2017 went smoothly; albeit a day early (Apr 1).
2017 recipients: Please dont forget to let me know how your bees fared this past season!

  • What's offered, When and How Much...
    • Honey Bee packages and Queens.
        The 2018 bee run is delayed to April 14/15 deliveries.
      Our GA supplier continues to provide top quality, fresh, certified honeybees.   Queens are new, mated, and laying.
        Packages are 3-lbs of fresh, certified, quality honey bees, and includes a new, mated, laying queen.

      Two popular races are available here: Italian, and Russian hybrid.
      A comparison of these 2 races can be viewed here.

      Because we consolidate your orders into a truckload of packages, prices can be offered at or below what you'd pay to have them shipped. The advantage here is that there is much less handling and transit time, they get care along the way, and thus arrive much healthier, and with a much higher survival rate. Conversely, the track record for otherwise shipped bees is poor.

      Costs for 2018 are:

      1. Packages (3lb):
        1. w/ Italian queen: $101.00
        2. w/ Russian queen: $103.00
      2. Queens:
        1. Italian: $25.00
        2. Russian: $27.50
      3. Options for queens:
        1. Marking: $2.50
        2. Clipping: $2.50

  • How it works...
    • The yearly 'bee run' is basically a cooperative, designed to be as easy, efficient, cost-effective, and convenient as possible. Our focus is on getting bees delivered as fresh and healthy as possible. We coordinate with our supplier to get the packages as close to being shaken as possible, and immediately head back and start deliveries directly from the return route.
        Bees are reserved from the supplier months in advance, offered to you on a first-come first-served basis, and delivered to you at one of the predetermined drop locations along our return route. You would select the drop spot most convenient to you.
        Groups of recipients that are local to each other could coordinate to have a designee pick up bees for that group, saving on further travel. I'd put you in touch with others at your request.

      Here's a little more detail:

      1. We have bees reserved; specific quantity, estimated cost
      2. Your orders are taken (usually starting in Nov./Dec.)
        1. Name
        2. Address
        3. Email address (used only to keep you informed)
        4. One phone number (cell/mobile is preferred; texting is also preferred)
             (where you can be contacted on delivery day -
              used in leiu of email for prior contact if necessary;
               also please indicate whether texting your cell is okay)
        5. Your order specifics:
          1. Quantity of packages and/or queens
          2. Race(s) desired
          3. Queen marking and/or clipping instructions
        6. Indicate willingness to participate in a group pickup (optional - you can opt-in)
          1. If YES, all group members (participants near each other) are advised of each other
          2. You MUST advise us of who the designee will be for you (if it is not to be you)
          3. Totally optional
        7. Payment methods
          1. Checks and Money Orders; no fees for payment this way.
          2. Paypal is accepted. Sending to "Friend and Family" can avoid any fees. IMPORTANT: Any Paypal fees will be passed on to you. Credit cards via Paypal will incur Paypal fees.
          3. Currently, direct credit cards are not accepted due to the inability to justify merchant account fees and charges for this once-a-year cooperative bee run. Credit card acceptance may be coming...
      3. Send monies to secure your item(s)
           Check or Money Order made out to: Martin Billingsley.
           Paypal buyers will be sent further details.
           Unpaid orders release items to waiting buyers.
      4. We'll advise as to available drop locations; one is selected,
           you advise us if there is a designee
      5. Delivery day: we text (or call) when 1-2hrs from your drop location;
           You get there in time.
           We Stop, Drop, and Roll-on to the next drop.
           If you miss it, you must call to make arrangements.

  • Ordering...
  • Questions / Need help?
    • Got questions? New to beekeepeing? Need some help? We are happy to help wherever we can.

      1. Send us an email (preferred), or;
      2. Phone us at: 215-591-9933

    • More details on deliveries
    • Deliveries have always been on a Sunday; and intents are to keep it that way whenever possible. We all have regular jobs which, for the most part, keeps our weekdays busy, and Sundays have proven to be the most cooperative day for deliveries. It is possible that unusual circumstances may require a day change, in which case plenty of notice will be given.

      Deliveries are done at preset 'drop spots' along the return route from the supplier. Following are the currently slated drop spots:
      1)Jennersville: 103 Jennersville Rd, 19390; National Penn bank lot ~.1mi S on Rt 796 from Rt 1 bypass; ETA 8a-9a
      2)Painters Crossing: 100 Painters Crossing Rd, 19382; Wells Fargo bank lot; North corner of the shopping center at Rts 1 and 202; ETA 10:30a-11:30a
      3)Frazer: 112 Moores Rd, 19355; Prof. Bldg. parking lot; just West of Rt 202 on Rt 401; ETA 12:30p-1:30p
      4)K of P: 694 W Dekalb Pk, 19406; Wells Fargo parking lot; at the K of P mall; on S/b Rt 202 just North of S Gulph Rd; ETA 2:30p-3:30p.
      The ETAs are just that - estimates, and are based on general time from recent past runs. While we strive to make these times, actual travel could easily change things.
      You are free to pick any of these locations. If you do not specify a location, one will be chosen for you based on your address. Changes are allowed up to the Friday before the Sunday of delivery, yet it is preferred to be set well before then.

      On delivery day, you will be contacted 1 to 2 hours prior to my arrival at your drop spot. Texting to you is the much preferred method (if at all possible), as I will be driving, and blasting a text to a group is much easier - and safer - than calling individuals. You will need to reply once so I know you got the msg. The plan is for you to be there BEFORE I get there so that deliveries can happen as fast as possible, so I can get on to the next group.

      If you miss a pickup, you will need to get to a subsequent drop spot or make other arrangements to come and get your bees. Please do not expect me to hang around at a drop spot waiting for you, as there are other bee recipients waiting. And, I will be exhausted from days of driving.

      • Bee Quality and Delays
      • Quality bees are the focus with this bee run. That means that if it takes a bit longer to ensure robust health and quantity for the best chances of survival and performance, then it is worth the efforts. Our main supplier is of the highest integrity and quality and is most trusted. They have been providing quality bees for years and years for this bee run.

        Remember - bees (at least the bees this bee run gets) are not something that you can just go pull off a shelf! They are provided in a real-time manner. When it is determined that supply hives are healthy and strong enough, which happens only after good build-up periods, bees are 'shaken' from the hive and given a new, mated, laying queen. Then the packages are ready for delivery. As such, there is always the possibility of delays. One to three week delays are not uncommon, and have been ever-increasingly happening. The 2015 run was delayed 5 weeks; which turned out to be perfect, as the weather had just eased.

        A recent exception, the 2013 season was an unusually tough one! Bee deliveries were delayed more than once. There were deep issues with bee supplies due to horendous losses and very slow build-ups. Some apiaries closed altogether. 2013's nine week delay was very uncommon. Yet, in spite of the very late starts, reports from our recipients showed that the vast majority of packages and queens did very well.

        Beekeeping can get tough. Big Ag continues to develop new pest controls, like crop seeds which are coated with pesticides that develop right into the plant which directly affect honey bees. Compound this with uncooperative weather and it is not hard to understand the dilemma.

        There are stories of other deliveries that were rushed too soon from other suppliers where those bees have fared very poorly at best, and had a very high loss rate. This is the sort of experience we work hard to avoid.

        • Refund Policy
        • A great deal of work and investment goes into setting up and managing this effort. This is a cooperative endeavor, not a business. As part of the model, your processed payment confirms your order and it's delivery as described here, and it covers only just that. Since re-processing cancelled orders creates considerable additional work, not to mention additional costs and potential changes in package prices, there is a $5 processing fee for cancelled orders.
          An alternative to cancelling orders is that you find another taker to buy your purchase(s). We will be happy to direct referrals to you if you need; let us know ASAP.
          There can be no cancellations/refunds once notified that our pickup date is confirmed (usually the week prior to actual pickup). The supplier is fully paid by then, and cannot be expected to complicate and coordinate refunds and stranding packages. And, bees cannot be returned to the hives if I get there and refuse them, as the bees have begun aclimation to the new queen.

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